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About Me

I am an educator, social worker, mental health professional and elected Bethel School Board Director. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice as well as a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership & Policy. I am a homeowner in Spanaway where my spouse, family and I have lived for several years. As a first-generation American and college graduate as well as the son of farm worker immigrants, I embody the American dream and am committed to building a brighter future for all. I humbly seek your support to bring new energy and perspective to the state senate for our district's betterment.

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Why I Am Running

I am running for the state senate because our district deserves leadership that prioritizes everyday working class folks, families, senior citizens, veterans, farmers and students. Unlike my opponent, who has been chronically absent from the legislature, missing more than 60 votes— the most of any lawmaker in modern times—I bring a proven track record of bipartisan collaboration and effective budget management from my role as school board director, overseeing a $500 million dollar annual budget with a focus on fiscal accountability. I am committed to ensuring our tax dollars are used wisely and will advocate for using existing state resources to relieve the tax burden on all working-class families, senior citizens, veterans, farmers and students. Understanding our community's challenges, I am dedicated to revitalizing local manufacturing, enhancing our workforce through an additional skills center, investing in critical infrastructure such as public transit options, parks, sidewalks, rural high speed internet as well as attracting sustainable industries.

My Priorities

  • Unity and Bipartisanship

    • Dedicated to bridging divides and finding common ground for progress.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    • Proven track record of managing budgets as a school board director.

    • Commitment to being a good steward of tax dollars.

  • Advocating for all working families, senior citizens, veterans, farmers and students

    • Addressing rising inflation and living costs.

    • Directing state resources towards our district to alleviate taxpayer burden.

    • Lowering the cost of housing, healthcare and childcare. 

  • Revitalizing American Manufacturing

    • Reducing reliance on foreign goods and safeguarding economic stability.

    • Supporting job creation and attracting industries to the area.

    • Bringing investments and training for small businesses.

  • Investing in Education and Workforce

    • Funding construction of an additional skills center.

    • Building apprenticeship programs and career advancement.

    • Prioritizing skilled workforce development for economic growth.

  • Protecting Individual Freedoms

    • Dedicated to advocating for women's healthcare.

  • Supporting Law & Order/Public Safety

    • Upholding justice while supporting law enforcement and accountability.

    • Advocating for funds to hire more law enforcement officers.

  • Government Reform

    • Reducing special interest influence and advocating for term limits for every elected office in our state.

  • Rural development/infrastructure

    • Investing in sidewalks, public transit, parks, community centers and health clinics.

    • Increasing rural high speed internet access.


  • WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal

  • Thurston County Board of Commissioners Chair Tye Menser 

  • Thurston County Board of Commissioners Carolina Mejia

  • Senator Jamie Pedersen

  • Senator & Candidate for WA State's 6th Congressional District Emily Randall

  • Senator Sam Hunt

  • Senator & WA State Insurance Commissioner Candidate Patty Kuderer

  • Senator T'wina Nobles

  • Senator Claire Wilson

  • Senator Joe Nguyen

  • Senator Rebecca Saldaña

  • WA State House Speaker Laurie Jinkins

  • Representative Mari Leavitt

  • Representative Sharlett Mena

  • Representative Beth Doglio

  • Bethel School Board Director Roseanna Camacho

  • Pierce County Council Chair & County Executive Candidate Ryan Mello

  • Pierce County Council Member Jani Hitchen

  • Pierce County Council Member Robyn Denson

  • Pierce County Council Member Marty Campbell

  • Former Thurston County Commissioner & State Representative Sandra Romero

  • Washington State Retired Public Employees Council

  • Pierce County Democrats

  • Pierce County Young Democrats

  • 2nd Legislative District Democrats

  • Olympia Indivisible

  • Indivisible Tacoma

  • Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates

  • WA State Stonewall Democrats

  • Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund

  • Community Leader Madeline Bishop

  • Olympia City Council Member Lisa Parshley

  • Thurston County Democrats


  • Thurston County Democratic Women

  • WA State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti

  • Humane Voters of Washington State


Join the movement and elect Erasmo Ruiz! You deserve an independent minded Senator for unity, common ground, and practical solutions. Together, let's shape a brighter future for all!

Contact us!

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